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We at Balloon ArtFX have proudly joined the national movement among balloon artists to “Adopt a Grandparent” by spreading hope, love, and joy to our local senior citizens of Tampa Bay during these hard times! 

This movement is to uplift our seniors residing in nursing homes/assisted living facilities which have faced many months of loneliness & limited contact due to visitation restrictions during this pandemic. The staff is excited at the potential of bringing them any moment of joy and thoughtful surprises to brighten their days, but we need your help by sponsoring one resident, as many as you like, or even the whole facility!

We will focus on one participating nursing home/assisted living community at a time to ensure that each and every resident receives a cheerful Balloon Buddy to brighten their day. These deliveries are not to be designated for a specific recipient, but rather delivered in a bulk order to a nursing home/assisted living community and distributed to residents by the staff once every senior has been sponsored.


Order a cheerful buddy (or several!) and know that you’ll be bringing some much needed joy to an isolated senior.


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Corporate Sponsors Info

If your company would like to sponsor a whole facility we will move it to the top of the list. We will add your logo as a sponsor on the website and on the balloon buddy poem that each resident will receive.

Please fill out form below or contact us via mail:


Sponsors Signup Below:



Nursing Home/Assisted Facility (Signup Form)

If your facility would like to signup to get our sponsors to send balloon deliveries to your residents to cheer them & spread some joy please use the form to signup.
  • We will send you a confirmation e-mail that your residents are signed up to be recipients of Adopt-a-Grandparent campaign.
  • Once your facility is part of the Adopt-a-Grandparent Campaign you will receive a statement and graphic that may be used on social media and newsletters to help spread the word of the campaign to the community and residents’ loved ones.
  • Once enough sponsorships have been received to meet the number of residents we will contact your facility to set up a delivery time and your staff can distribute to the residents.
Our goal is to spread cheer with Balloon Buddies to each resident in all nursing facilities in the TampaBay area that decides to participate. *We will be running the Adopt-a-Grandparent Campaign one facility at a time. Campaigns will be run in the order of acceptance e-mails received. Once every resident in one facility has been sponsored, we will then move on to the next facility. All that we ask of you is once all the balloon buddies are delivered to send us pictures taken by the staff of residents who are willing to share their pics so we can send to the sponsors and they can see the excitement and joy being brought to the residents. Here are some links of some news coverage of other balloons artists and facilities that have participated: Winsconsin: Knoxville: Michigan: Chicago: New Mexico:  

Assisted Community Signup Below:



Currently welcoming sponsors for this facility:

Please note: These delivery items are not to be designated for a specific recipient, but rather delivered in a bulk order to a nursing home/assisted living community and distributed to residents by the staff.

Lets Spread Smiles To Our Seniors !!!

Spread the Word!

Please help us by sharing and spreading the word with your friends, family, co-workers, churches, offices, organizations and anyone that might feel inclined to  sponsor a balloon buddy for our Tampa Bay senior citizens.

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